I am a Ph.D. student in the area of quantum information.
My supervisor is Prof. Tal Mor.

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Published Papers

List of published papers
Title + Link to Full Text (PDF)AuthorsReferencePublication DatearXiv VersionPresentation Slides
Geometry of entanglement in the Bloch sphere PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorPhysical Review A 95, 0323087 March 2017Also available at arXiv:1608.00994 [quant-ph]Slides (Geometry of Entanglement) PDF
Security Against Collective Attacks of a Modified BB84 QKD Protocol with Information only in One Basis PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorIn Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk – Volume 1: COMPLEXIS, pages 23-29Presented at COMPLEXIS 2017 (Porto, Portugal, April 2017)Also available at arXiv:1704.01388 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Experimentally feasible protocol for semiquantum key distribution PDFMichel Boyer, Matty Katz, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorPhysical Review A 96, 06233529 December 2017Also available at arXiv:1701.07044 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Attacks against a Simplified Experimentally Feasible Semiquantum Key Distribution Protocol PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorEntropy 2018, 20(7), 53618 July 2018Also available at arXiv:1806.06213 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Composable security against collective attacks of a modified BB84 QKD protocol with information only in one basisPDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorTheoretical Computer Science 801, 96-10916 August 2019 (online)
1 January 2020 (print)
Also available at arXiv:1711.09716 [quant-ph, cs.CR]

Papers on arXiv

List of papers uploaded to arXiv (not yet published)
TitleAuthorsReference (arXiv)Upload DateComments
Topological order on the Bloch sphereRotem Liss, Tal Mor, and Roman OrusarXiv:1812.00671 [quant-ph, cond-mat.str-el]3 December 2018