I am a Ph.D. student in the area of quantum information.
My supervisor is Prof. Tal Mor.

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Published Papers

List of published papers
Title + Link to Full Text (PDF)AuthorsReferencePublication DatearXiv VersionPresentation Slides
Geometry of entanglement in the Bloch sphere PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorPhysical Review A 95, 0323087 March 2017Also available at arXiv:1608.00994 [quant-ph]Slides (Geometry of Entanglement) PDF
Security Against Collective Attacks of a Modified BB84 QKD Protocol with Information only in One Basis PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorIn Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk—Volume 1: COMPLEXIS, pages 23-29Presented at COMPLEXIS 2017 (Porto, Portugal, 24-26 April 2017)Also available at arXiv:1704.01388 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Experimentally feasible protocol for semiquantum key distribution PDFMichel Boyer, Matty Katz, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorPhysical Review A 96, 06233529 December 2017Also available at arXiv:1701.07044 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Attacks against a Simplified Experimentally Feasible Semiquantum Key Distribution Protocol PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorEntropy 2018, 20(7), 53618 July 2018Also available at arXiv:1806.06213 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Composable security against collective attacks of a modified BB84 QKD protocol with information only in one basis PDFMichel Boyer, Rotem Liss, and Tal MorTheoretical Computer Science 801, 96-10916 August 2019 (online)
1 January 2020 (print)
Also available at arXiv:1711.09716 [quant-ph, cs.CR]
Topological order on the Bloch sphere PDFRotem Liss, Tal Mor, and Román OrúsNew Journal of Physics 22, 03302323 March 2020Also available at arXiv:1812.00671 [quant-ph, cond-mat.str-el]
Quantum Communication—Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Teleportation PDF (Editorial Paper)Rotem Liss and Tal MorEntropy 2020, 22(6), 6286 June 2020

Edited Books

List of published books edited by me
Title + Link to Full Text (PDF)EditorsReferencePublication DateComments
Quantum Communication—Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Teleportation PDFRotem Liss and Tal MorMDPI Books (an Open Access Book):
ISBN 978-3-03943-026-0 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03943-027-7 (PDF)
October 2020A Printed Edition of the Special Issue Published in Entropy


List of theses
Title + Link to Full Text (PDF)AuthorSupervisorReferenceDefense DateFinal Approval Date
Entanglement and Geometrical Distances in Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography PDFRotem LissTal MorM.Sc. Thesis, Computer Science Department, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology22 June 20176 July 2017

Accepted (to-be-Published) Papers

List of papers accepted to conferences and journals (not yet published)
TitleAuthorsReferenceAcceptance DatePresentation Slides
From Practice to Theory: the "Bright Illumination" Attack on Quantum Key Distribution SystemsRotem Liss and Tal MorAccepted to TPNC 2020: 9th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Natural Computing (7-9 December 2020)29 August 2020Slides (Initial Version) PDF